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BPartner Property Management

Family - Home - Business

Circumstances do change!
The Budapest property market can be difficult to navigate at times.

We act with honesty and take responsibility.
We treat all people fairly, with courtesy and respect.

So we like to be sure to follow the rules.

Points of interest

  • Encourage collaboration
    Building long-term relationships by connecting the right people to create opportunities.
  • Engaging positively
    At BPartner, it’s not just about real estate. It’s about real people too!
  • Inspire trust
    Delivering long-term solutions not quick fixes.
  • De-risk
    We have robust processes for identifying safety issues and handling money matters.
  • Plain-speaking
    It makes sense you are looking for full support, guidance and advice to help you make faster more informed decisions.

Matching people and property for over 15 years

Forward thinking and planning is key.
Finding a tenant is only the beginning.
An open discussion with us about your preferences allows you to stay in control. We have overall responsibility for the management activities undertaken. We are truly independent and have fun, because we focus on service excellence at the heart of what we do.

Judit KISS & Dezső RUZSIK (Founders)

Take a look at our journey

BPartner Zrt. - Choosing the right letting and managing agent in Budapest is an important decision
Found the beginnings

In 2005, we were senior students of Corvinus University of Budapest (Kiss Judit) and International Business School (Dezső Ruzsik) where working on our Master's thesis. We had been living and working together in the Budapest housing market for two years. We were happy to advise on property matters and property management for buy-to-let investments with thinking differently about property. Starting out in the mid-2000s as the brainchild of two Budapest property visionaries, the vision of building a trusted property management company. Our first love child, Budapest Partner = BPartner, was born in the autumn of 2005. Our family business have been online since November 2005 started with bpartner.hu website in English.


We worked with new builds owned by overseas investors from visiting construction sites to snagging inspections to be done before completion. Each apartment is individually furnished, with fully fitted kitchen and built-in wardrobes. By the time we graduated, we had been waiting for suppliers, installers, carpenters in dozens of apartment, and we were routinely handing over apartments from developers. As a letting and managing agent, we took care of tenants and looked after of property investements. In the summer of 2006, we moved into our first office at 13-15 Kossuth Square - where House of Parliament located, , gave it a landmark position in the centre of the area. Our website migrated to bpartner.com, which was still only available in English.


By 2008, we have traveled throughout Ireland and England to meet our clients in person. We thought ahead. Our business model, prepared in 2007 for quality assurance reasons, was launched on 1 January, 2008. The ongoing digitalisation has been the foundation of our customer service and communication and our business processes ever since. In the autumn of 2008, our joint venture was transformed into a private company limited by shares.

Budapest property management and letting agency
Jump into action

Our office moved to Gellert Hill, Distirct 1. 2 Orom utca. We planned to promote property management in the the closed-minded and highly rigid housing market in Buda side. Our real estate blog in Hungarian - Ingatlanműhely - was launched on blog.hu to draw attention to ourselves and, of course, to benefits of property management. We still managed foreign-owned properties, but after 2009, standing on one leg was a sign of good health, but we felt this more risky for staying balanced in business. However, we did not have a website in Hungarian.


Our foreign clients sold their property investments in Budapest one after the other. At the time, the domestic demand for real estate services like property management, increased spectacularly. By November 2012, ingatlankezeles.com website was designed to the Hungarians. Re-selling foreign-owned properties to locals helped us to introduce ourselves to local real estate players. Apartments sold, homeowners changed, but we remained the property managers for most of them. At this stage, selling managed properties was an exciting, not daunting experience. As a property manager, we provided greater transparency, speed and efficiency with the sale of properties. A successful sale relies on an efficient and experienced solicitor with our existing relationship, this simply has become an extension of our role in managing Budapest property. Aside from re-selling of fully managed buy-to-let investments in the shortest possible time, we built new customer trust and loyalty with local investors who tended to get preferential treatment.


2014 sees BPartner move into West Budapest with office in 117/B Pasaréti út. The approachable image of our family business has always been expressed through emotional attachment to residential real estate. We live and breath property but we didn’t work in an office building and we don’t even plan to. We like to look after long lets in a homely environment. Our very first and still unchanged basic value is to think of every managed property as a home.

Abitare il tempo
Set into place



It sounds banal, but Ingatlanműhely was so much more than a blog. With its housing market research and analysis, the blog has increased the credibility of our family business, but it has gone far beyond the framework of BPartner. Undoubtedly, Ingatlanműhely has demonstrated just how the blog played its part in universal face of our business, an indirect PR, marketing and communication channel, yet the blog and its unique approach and self-identity were not distorted. It has had a major impact on housing market players. It was developed along with Budapest to be both novel and credible in a very rapidly changing real estate market environment. BPartner does not have a separate Facebook page but the blog has been active on social media since December 2015.


By January, Ingatlanműhely published in reblog.hu, where it received a lot of publicity. Along with its daily and monthly visits, the blog got more readers who paid more attention to blog posts. As we considered this solution with additional benefits, we discovered opportunities for business appearance in other media. Ingatlanműhely, as a stand-alone project, building a business within a business. There was outsize impact when Ingatlanműhely was critically important. It started operating as an integrated decision-support system, which is why our business became data-driven. We have come across new level of risk management, more agile operations with greater stabilty and predictability. That was really powerful. We have been using this as a catalyst and as an engine to reinforce our family business.


While we based our future on overseas investors in 2005, by 2019, we did day to day management of Budapest apartments for Hungarians who living abroad. We also sold the apartment of our first foreign client. We still have foreign-owned apartments left. Fast forward a decade and a half, our family business has been ready to be a local property management company. Let's celebrate: in September we ran the marathon for the first time at the Marathon du Médoc in Pauillac (France) - it really is one of the most unusual marathons around.

BPartner Zrt. - Cashless payments - Contacltess security deposit refund - The responsibility and liability ultimately falls on Budapet property manager
Look ahead with confidence

We have always strived for cashless payment. With the introduction of prompt bank transfer (national digital banking platform within Hungary), financial management without cash during tenancy. BPartner is completely cash-free providing financial transparency and control. We do not take or hold security deposit or rent from tenants in cash when they move into one of fully managed properties. We no longer let out apartments in Budapest to tenants who prefer to pay in cash or do not use a bank account. At the end of tenancy, security deposit will be refunded - less final household bills after taking final meter readings - on the spot by prompt bank transfer as soon as keys taken over. Indeed, contactless payment makes our tenants happy.