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Lettings Management in Budapest

Something not to your satisfaction? Thinking of letting? Thank you for considering BPartner to let your Budapest property.

Key Takeaways - Legal Security as a Principle in Letting and Management - Management Ageement includes utility arrears repayment agreement

Why let property with us?

Smooth pre-tenancy process without base fee & Percentage-based fee of rental income  

We are flexible and aware of the risk that you can change your mind before introducing a tenant. More choice and less hassle with 0% fees while finding tenant in period of zero rent. Remember that we’ll only charge you if your property gets rented, never before. This is a great offering that is something to seriously consider. Being trusted to figure things out is a big motivator.

No smoke and mirrors - in essence, we get paid when you get paid.

Whether you’re a first-time landlord or experienced in letting property, don't panic, we have it covered!

Careful and thorough vetting

How do I know if my tenant is a bad ’un? The simple answer is you don’t. We don’t get caught out but have mastered the art of selecting tenants very carefully. We follow the process of pre-screening prospective tenants conscientiously, make no exceptions.

Our guaranteed one month’s rent scheme

Guaranteed one month’s rent after early tenancy termination regardless of utility arrears. Employing us can act as a buffer should any form of dispute arise.

Utility arrears repayment agreement

BPartner is responsible for utility arrears in excess of ‘security deposit less one month’s rent installment’ to protect against financial loss from specific risks.

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